Our graduate education program offers advanced training in ag machinery and precision ag technologies.  Students gain experience in advanced topics including data science, machinery electronics, control systems, and field test design and analysis. 

Graduate education is not an extension of an undergrad degree but rather a unique training experience aimed at developing elite engineering skills in ag machinery and precision ag technology.



A Master's degree involves 7 courses focused in the student's area of interest.  Common courses include:

  • CAN Bus

  • Precision Agriculture

  • Control Systems

  • Instrumentation

  • Statistics

  • Project Management

Graduate Experience Outcomes

our graduate education program is tailored to achieve specific student learning outcomes.  as part of our research team, graduates will enhance their skills and prepare themselves for a successful career in engineering and technology. 

1. Machinery Electronics:  Graduates of our program gain expertise in the functional operation of agriculture electronics and how electronics systems drive machinery technology.  Graduates are well prepared for careers in systems engineering.

2. Field Testing:  All of our projects involve field testing at a commercial scale.  Graduates learn how to design, coordinate, execute, and synthesize results from field testing during the completion of their research projects.

3. Data Analysis:  Graduates gain knowledge and skills related to ag machinery data collection, data analysis, and statistical data reporting.  Students learn to develop data automation scripts to manage large and complex ag machine data and summarize results into clear and concise outcomes.

4. Communication and Project Management:  Engineering success is driven by teamwork.  our graduate students are critical parts of engineering teams and learn how to prepare technical reports, communicate with global engineering teams, and manage project timelines.

Graduate Experience and Assistantships


MS degrees typically take 18 - 24 months after completion of an undergraduate degree.

PhD degrees typically take 36 months after completion of an MS degree.

We offer graduate assistantships which provide a full tuition scholarship and a competitive monthly salary.  Graduate students work as part of an integrated team to complete a research project in addition to the required coursework.

To learn more about assistantship opportunities on our team email Dr. Matt Darr ( to setup a meeting.  Learn more about graduate school in ABE here

Alumni Experiences

Pursuing graduate school is easily one of the best decisions I’ve made. There are many skills that I learned through the program that are not able to be taught at the undergraduate level. Data analytics, test planning, design/fabrication, and team collaboration are just a few competencies gained that prepared me to tackle complex engineering challenges in the industry.
— Jason Schuster, John Deere Waterloo Works, MS 2016